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Oops, I Did It Again!

As we all know, those of us who knit anyway, knitting is not an exact science. A pattern is not a recipe where you get all the ingredients, throw them together and put them in the oven and everyone who uses it will get a delicious, edible casserole. Knitting does not work exactly this way although you would think it should! Knitting does include science but also a part artistry, a good part skill and also a large part luck.

The science is mostly math. Numbers of stitches per inch to figure out how many needed to cast on for a piece. Geometry for the shapes we contort the knitted fabric into to get a shape pleasing to our figures, limbs or digits.

The artistry aspect comes in when we choose the yarn for colour and weight. Maybe a hand painted skein or two or more solid colours. We choose stitch, pattern, length of garment. We choose amount of ease and drape.

The skill aspect is, of course, the many techniques learned by the knitter. It can either add a touch of finesse, or leave a ragged join; depending on skill levels.

Luck seems to be all other aspects that are variable and inconsistent. When I do a swatch for a project, I tend to trust it. So when it lets me down, I can only believe that it is the luck aspect being brought into play. Case in point, I was knitting Fetching for Hubby’s DD. I was using my first hand spun attempt and had no idea how it would do. I did a swatch and was amazed at how good it looked. The knitting actually helped the look of the single even where it was spun too tight! The gauge with the proper needle came to what the recommended yarn was before the author changed needle and made the gauge tighter. So I did the same thing, went to a smaller needle and made my gauge smaller. The glove ended up too small.

One Fetching Glove
Too bad because it was a very good looking glove. I just couldn’t move my hand much! I have since cast on the other hand and added another repeat of the cables and it should fit!

More fetching
Wish me luck!!

So to me, luck, fate, destiny, Karma are a big factor when you knit. To those of us with lots of experience, you can diminish the luck aspect but for those that are just starting out or have little experience, luck seems to hold sway. As you gain experience, you will be able to know when there is less chance of a luck thing about to happen or you can see it happening earlier and head it off at the pass. As for me, I have been knitting off and on for years and I still have problems with the luck thing. Sometimes, it is good and sometimes, like now, it is not.
It is not all bad news however, I have managed to produce something I quite like. I made socks for my DD for Christmas.

Lace Socks

I think she will like them! These socks were created using a Sockbug pattern called Sheri’s Lace Socks. I started the sock and found the lace to be inelastic and baggy. So I altered the pattern by alternating rows of lace with sections of 3×1 ribbing. The ribbing really helps to keep the sock fitting snuggly to the leg.

Partridge Heel

Here is a photo of the partridge heel I did for the sock. No special reason, I just wanted to try it out. It is more cushiony than the plain or double heel but I find the look of it distracts from the overall image of delicacy.

I hope your creative day works out more in the good luck way than in the bad.

Have a creative day!


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