String of My Heart

Have you ever made a resolution and then couldn’t keep it? Well none of us are super human so I imagine the answer for most is a resounding ‘oh yeah’. But I’m not talking about the ‘I need to get healthy, lets try to love soy beans and tofu’ kind of resolution here. I’m talking resisting temptations. I have been trying to keep my yarn habit at bay for a long time now. I’ve determined that I have enough yarn to knit a different project ever month for a number of years and I simply do not need any more yarn. So why is it when I walk into a yarn shop (like this one), even for just a few minutes I start to get a warm fuzzy feeling that builds into a longing and then craving for (of all things) yarn.

Yarn is string, is it not? I never used to get excited about string. Okay maybe about the string that tied up the Sunday roast beef. You know, the one that was basted in the meat juices… mmm, me and my siblings would fight over that string and the exultant winner would chew it with his eyes shut and a look of ecstasy on his face…… but that is another story. String does not, in fact, excite me. Merino string, now that is another kettle of fish. Or how about Cashmere string or Noro string? Yeah, now we’re talking!

Of course my slip (and you knew this is where I was heading!) was not in this neighborhood. I was enticed by this…

Silk Love

Look at this luscious Merino/Silk goodness! It is not yarn! I already have a project on the spindle that needs to be spun and knit up before Christmas and yet I just want to sit and stroke this roving all night long! Okay, Fibre addiction is not that bad. We’re not talking about being seduced by the Dark side or anything but it is a near thing! It probably approximates the lure of chocolate. It is not wicked or evil but some times it feels like it should be. This is not instant gratification however. I will have to work to get the merino string that I love. I have to spin and twist and toil to get it! That’s not lust, that’s love! When you have work hard for it, it is going to be a long term love affair and that is always worthwhile!

Oh yes, and I accidentally bought some of this too…

Soy Love

Paton’s SWS. Imagine that, I could become a soy lover after all!

….Keep on creating!


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