Newfoundland Revisited

Whereupon reviewing her pattern
she discovered a goodly amount of imprecision, inconsistencies and inexactitudes.

To my utter horror and shame, I have come to the realization, that the pattern I posted for the Newfoundland mitts was not a good one. This, of course, being a great understatement of vast proportions. It was a terrible, horrible and misleading pattern (Bad Pattern!).

My Reasons; I had made changes (as I found fit), when I first used this pattern, however, as I originally knit the mitts with acrylic yarns, these alterations are not now appropriate! My Excuses; I have none, I know better… SIGH.

I have since posted a good pattern (found in the tab ‘patterns’ up in header) distinguishable by the word “revisited”. I am positive that this pattern is good as I used it this weekend to make this:

Newf revisited

Noro does look very good here although I’m a little disappointed that the pink was so over whelming. I still have enough left in the one skein to do another but because I’m a ‘little’ anal I want both mitts to match so I will be using a brand new skein of Noro # 154. The left overs will make another set of mitts with a grey wool.

Also made this weekend:

Baby Feet

… For a baby gift. Made with Patons Cottontots, it is very soft and cuddly like a baby! I love this little pattern but not too thrilled with my wobbly bobbles. I guess I need more practice. I might even do another for the actual gift. I guess I’m just a sucker for punishment!

I intended to crochet a pair of booties too but the urgency of my Newfoundland folly was harassing me and demanding critical attention, so I had to knit, check and recheck the pattern!

What ever you do this week… Keep on creating!


3 thoughts on “Newfoundland Revisited

  1. Céline

    Hi! I think those mitts are really superb, and this baby gift, the idea is just so clever :-)
    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous stuff!
    Best regards,


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