With Malice Aforethought

The Case of the Severed Yarn

While I have no intention of turning this blog into a cutesy site about my cat, our pets do have a way of insinuating themselves into all aspects of our lives, sometimes to our great exasperation!

Please see
Exhibit A. Exhibit A

Forgive the poor crime scene photography, even the photographer was shaken by this case. What case you ask? Well, let me explain….

I was sitting, minding my own business, knitting a sock for the up coming Christmas season, when all of a sudden I hear a strange noise. I look down and there is my cat, Whimsy, chewing on my yarn!

It is my fault, in a way, it has been so many years since she kittenishly played with my yarn that I took it for granted that it (my beautiful yarn) was safe. I was sitting with her at my feet and the yarn must have literally dangled in her face! As you might imagine, knitting caused said yarn to bounce, enticingly, up and down in front of her, just asking to be attacked and subdued. But she didn’t just bite it, she chewed it, grinding it between her teeth (this was the strange noise I heard) and so we have a self striping yarn, severed…
and we have Exhibit B.

Exhibit B Yes, it happened again. Not two hours later! This time I wasn’t knitting anywhere near the cat. In fact I had put my knitting down. Yes, members of the jury, the sock was on the table and the ball of yarn was on the floor resulting in a dangling length of yarn but remember, kind gentlemen and ladies, that there was no knitting going on and the yarn was not tantalizingly dancing in front of the defendants face! She choose to approach and inflict damage. This was clearly an act of Malice Aforethought. She murdered the yarn in the first degree. Ladies and Gentlemen, …this, was no accident!

I rest my case. The guilty party has been sent to her bed without treats, but has been receiving humane treatment in the hands of her jailers. Cat food and water being administered daily.

I have since rectified the severed yarn with a splice in both spots. I have a vague memory of seeing this done somewhere on the Web sometime ago. Here are the steps I took:

Step 1: I split the severed ends of the yarn in two. The yarn was four ply so each side of the split has two plies.


Step 2: I aligned one half of each side together, leaving the other half out of the way. These left overs will be dealt with later.


step 2

Step 3: The aligned threads were twisted together. Whereas this yarn was superwash, there was no chance of doing a felted join here.

step 3

Step 4: The resulting joined yarn was carefully knitted into the sock leaving the tails hanging freely. These will be woven in when I have an inch or more knit on this sock.

step 4

I truly hope the yarn holds together. These socks are to be a Christmas gift for my DS. He tends to be a little hard on his clothing!

I do have one other concern. I believe I may have mentioned on an earlier post that I might be a little, …um, anal? I dearly want two matching socks and now one of them is going to be oddly short a few rows.

Maybe it won’t show… Maybe the difference will be unnoticeable… Maybe Whimsy will get the second sock too.

Any one wanna bet? Innocent convict

Lolly if you read this, my Socktoberfest project might be a little late… My cat ate my homework… Really !

Remember, no matter what you do this week, do it creatively!


One thought on “With Malice Aforethought

  1. Céline

    It seems that fiber people tend to hang around with kindred spirits, such as cats. I guess it’s the fuzzy factor that brings us together. My new kitten also LOOOOVES all my knitting and spinning projects, and has hidden a few modules of a vest I’m working… no idea yet in what state I’ll retreive them – if I do!

    You have all my sympathy.

    But we enjoy, to a degree, those feline interventions, don’t we? I fugure the cats are “quality control personel”: if they enjoy a project, it means it’s fun and comfy ;-)


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