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A Little Off Base

But not off topic

So, when life hits you a curve ball, do you run with it or do you sit down and cry? Well, I can safely say, that, this time I did both. I was all set up for MS3 and as shown in the last post, I had to wait for new beads. This was not a problem, I knew I could wait. Or so I thought. I kept seeing everyone else’s progress and my hands actually itched to be knitting some lace. So what did I do?

MS3 the 2nd

I started a MS3 shawl with some yarn from my stash… no problem! It really looks nice in this 14/2 cotton thread (double stranded). The colour is called sea-foam green and is a lovely light greeny blue. I knit almost all of clue one before the curve ball hit… A friend of mine was diagnosed with Cancer and I really wanted to do something for him besides cry! So I ditched everything and started this scarf.

Noro Scarf

I had started seeing these kinds of lovely scarves on the Flickr group Crazy for Knitting quite some time ago. This one was so lovely that I had to know more about it. Which led me to Brooklyn Tweed. While normally I personalize my knitting by changing colour, yarn, size or something… I didn’t this time. I used his pattern and his choice in yarn colours. He had such good taste and wonderful looking scarf that I copied it completely. The scarf was a fast knit and although I thought I might be driven crazy by the K1P1 (this is done all ribbing), I wasn’t! My friend is totally worth the cost, as Brooklyn Tweed mentions, it is quite costly. So instead of a comfort shawl he gets a comfort scarf. Now, I just have to send it to Australia.
MS3  Starting Clue 3

I still am having difficulty with my picture taking and this photo is not a good representation of the lovely lace. You can’t even see the beads! I am now knitting the MS3 with the yarn and bigger beads but my progress is not so far along as others. I have just started Clue 3 and Clue 5 was released a few days ago. Oh well, having come this far I am sure I will finish this lovely design.

Oh yes, and more socks…

Socks appeal

While I knit off on a tangent from time to time, I am dedicated to the MS3 stole (even after it was announced that the stole will have a wing!). I will keep you posted as to all the creative endeavors I attempt and successfully complete.

Be sure to have a creative week!