I live in Atlantic Canada with hubby and two gorgeous black cats. I live in the country and I hold down a day job that sucks the life out of me.

I love to create. It’s what keeps me going. I knit, spin, weave, paint, sew, quilt and do just about anything else if the whim takes me. I am not particularly fond of knickknacks or objects to sit on your shelf to collect dust. I prefer to make things that are usable in our every day lives. I love to read and am constantly trying to fit all my hobbies in a hectic daily schedule as I also work for a living (see life sucking job above) and am dealing with an illness that seems to defy diagnosis (13 years and counting). I am also an admitted tree hugger (Yes, we can save the world!) and choose to do things in an environmentally sound way. Forgive me but this is the one area where you might see me rant. I truly believe that nature is our base, our foundation. If the foundation is weak… well you fill in the blank.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Joan Wright

    Hi – I am a displaced” Maritimer – from Nova Scotia and now residing in Manitoba! I love the “Newfie” mittens and have been looking for a pattern for them for ages. Can’t wait to start knitting a pair. Thanks so much for sharing this great pattern. Where (can I ask) in the good old Atlantic area, do you hang your hat, around the trees!!


  2. Judi Erickson

    Hi – I’m not a displaced Maritimer – but one who resides there mostly in the summertime, so far. My husband and I purchased a little piece of heaven on Chedabucto Bay, and love spending our time there. We are also sailboat people, so when we’re not in NS, we’re living aboard. It has been a little complicated so far, but next year, the sailboat comes to Nova Scotia ! Then we will have both of our loves in the same place.

    Just wanted to say hi – thanks for the lovely site – and the Newfie Mitts ! They will be appreciated this winter, here in the colds of Maine !

  3. Tanya

    I also live in Atlantic Canada, Moncton to be exact, and I love finding other maritimers blogging! I’m thrilled to find my blog in your list of blogs you read, I’m also surprised to find people I don’t know reading my blog, even though that’s exactly what it’s for. Keep up the fight against creativity vs. life sucking day job. Know that you are not in it alone; I too have the same fight. Most days I’m winning, but not all days. Together, through blogs and sharing inspirational stories, we can conquer those days when the job might have gotten ahead of the creative energy!

  4. Penny Saunders

    A very nice start to your blog. Good to see someone who has a ‘normal’ life, unlike some bloggers who seem to be able to type, knit, hold down a job, feed the home crew, all at the same time. I get tired just thinking about it.

    Wanted to ask about the knitted piece in your header picture. It is awfully nice and I was wondering if you would share the yarn and pattern source?

    Thanks and bundle up and keep warm.

  5. creativewhimsy Post author

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Penny, the knitted item in the header is a scarf knit with the Branching Out pattern found on knitty.com . I get a lot of great patterns there. The yarn is called Dream in Color and the colorway is Happy Forest. You can find more pictures of the scarf in my flickr stream.These are not as nice as the ones hubby shot for the knitty calendar contest. I imagine any day now we will see the calendar released.  Maybe then I’ll post his beautiful pics.

  6. Michelle P

    I would love the pattern for newfie mitts if you have. If not, could you direct me to someone who might. Thanks in advance4.

  7. Barbara B.

    I would be very grateful if I could receive the pattern for Newfie mitts. My friend started knitting a pair some time ago and has lost the pattern. She has been trying to locate this pattern so she can complete her project.

  8. Alison from MN

    Hey there Gillian,

    I wondered what had happened to you after I sent the purse pattern. Hope everything is okay. I also have had some “applesauce” moments in the last couple of months with an irregular heartbeat. January 19, I go under the paddles. I should come out fine.

    “Talk” to you later!

  9. Betty-Jane

    Stumbled across your website. I have been making these mitts for years., got the pattern from my mother in N.B. They have got to be the WARMEST mitts. Have shared the pattern with my friends as they just love them when they see them.
    Make them every year for my three little great nieces and nephews for Christmas…they are always anxious to see what new colours their aunt has made for them.

  10. Betty Short

    Hi All you knitters

    I am formerly from Sussex, N.B., but have lived in the Hamilton, ON area since ’62. Met and married here and have one son. Before my husbands untimely death in ’07, we did a lot of travelling in our 5th wheel trailer, both in Canada and U.S., especially to Sussex where my sisters and brothers still live. I am a big craft person, have made zillions of pairs of those newfy mitts for friends or womens shelters thru my church….everyone thinks they are so nice. Also big into quilting, which I inherited from my Mom..into 3 quilting groups and well as a guild. I have turned my hand to almost every craft available.
    Enjoy the site and reading your comments.

  11. Dominique R

    YES! A fellow Nova Scotian!! I know you have not added much in awhile but I am so glad to read another Maritimer’s words!
    Especially because I live in Finland and have been for a year.

    I love all of your work, gorgeous! Thanks so much for the Newfie Mittens…I see them here in Finland but had no idea how to make them.
    Thank you,


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