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Christmas Knitting

Or avoiding the hustle and bustle…

Every year  I swear I won’t do it and every year I do it!  I heap on the Christmas knitting and end up having a pile of knitting to do at last minute! There have actually been three separate Christmas’ on record where the recipient recieved their gift with the needles still in!!

I do think ahead and make reasonable plans to make gifts for my family, however, I still manage to have a lot of last minute knitting to do. So how am I going to fix this?  I’ve been thinking about it and I think for next year I will do the following:

– Start planning in August.  September at the latest!

– Make a list of recipients and associated projects and stick to it (no last minute additions so think and plan carefully!) and beware, don’t give yourself more than you can easily accomplish!

– Ensure you have all materials available to you in case you get bored with one project.  Then there is no excuse not to pick up another one and get cracking! This means shopping for and/ or ordering all patterns and yarn before you need them!!

– Make deadlines – This is where I have so many problems! I get started early enough but get distracted by other non-Christmas projects and other crafts so that the last few weeks before Christmas come as a surprise and a flurry of knitting. Setting deadlines will force you to put Christmas knitting first before other less essential projects! It might also be good to set up a calendar with other deadlines on it as well…. Holiday baking days/nights, shopping deadlines, Christmas cards and Parcel shipping deadlines and that costume you promised to make for the school play!!

Here are a few pictures of the projects I took on for this year.  Please note that with 2 weeks left ’til Christmas not one is finished and all are in various states of unfinished-ness! Lol!


These two UFO’s are the same beautiful pattern Brown Berries Scarf pattern


These skeins of yarn are supposed to be knit up into scarves too!







and of course this pair of socks is in the home stretch.

I must say I did have reasons that my knitting got behind this year…


My daughter got married in October!  In this picture she is wearing a shawl that I wove for her on my floor loom and that took up a lot of my knitting time!

Everyone, please have a happy, healthy Holiday season and may all your crafty dreams come true!


My Wall of Shame

She admits to inconstancy

OK, this article was just sitting here ready to go so I’m posting it now.  It was meant to be posted Nov 2007 but for some simple reasons, it never got posted.

It is no wonder that we knitting folk call ourselves knitting ‘ho’s, harlots and other less savoury names! We simply cannot stay true to one love project. The temptation of luscious yarns and interesting patterns has the effect of luring us away from one obsession to another.

Why am I going on like this? … Well, let me tell you. One day, while cleaning up my craft room, I realised that I had a few unfinished items laying around and for the heck of it decided to pull them all together. I was surprised to see this…

Wall of Shame

This is what I call my Wall of Shame. These are all the projects that I have not completed. Not just not completed but not touched in ages. Do I have good explanations why I haven’t finished them? Not really, it is just my temperament I guess. I get all excited about something else I see and have to start knitting it. Most of the time I do finish projects, but sometimes, to my shame, I just let them languish in a corner somewhere. They are always there in the back of my mind but somehow I never realized how many there were! Maybe they reproduced when I wasn’t looking. How else would you explain 4 different socks on the needles?

Pulling them together was a GOOD thing. Now they will not be so lonely. Now they have friends and neighbors to commune with. Now they have each other to complain bitterly to about the landlady’s lack of dependability.

Some of these items I do intend to finish, some I will frog and use the yarn for other more interesting projects.

To be quite honest these are not my only UFOs. These are only the ones in knitting and crocheting. I didn’t put on the pile my UFOs from painting, quilting, sewing, spinning, cross stitch or needle point in which I have at least one unfinished project. I will go now and hang my head in shame!

OK, enough of that! Let’s find creative ways to deal with this situation. I have been reading a lot about this on the web. Here are a few ideas I got from readings other people’s ways of dealing with this.

1. Work on a number of projects at once by giving yourself a set number of rows to do before you can move on to the next project.  This requires discipline.  You must do 15 rows of this lace shawl before you can move on to 22 rows of the easy scarf.

2. Try to keep to only one project but have an alternative if you get bored. Some projects such as lace, are so complicated that it is a relief to put them down for a short while and knit on a sock. Conversely working on mindless knitting may bore you so much that you really don’t want to finish.  Break up the monotony with something more complicated like colour work.

One member of a group I follow has this to say:

3. ” Joan Hamer has an excellent method for dealing with multiple projects at
the same time. Work on one the same night each week until finished,
then start a new one for that night. This allows for changing of needle
size, yarn material, knitting method (heck, you could put in a crochet
or x-st or beading night!) and keeps each project in work. You don’t
get bored, everything gets worked on and you get to feel virtuous. :)”

Even Sandi Wiseheart over at KnittingDaily has this problem. She took a poll and here are the results. Sandi really does a good job at exploring why we put down one project for another. If you haven’t read her article you should.

My projects will be divided into three piles; 1. to be frogged, 2. to be finished, 3. marinate a bit, I might finish later.

I do have one FO to show.

CreativeWhimsy's Dashing

This is Dashing by Cheryl Niamath

I’ve been very occupied with getting ready for the cold weather that is right around the corner and will probably continue to knit Hats and Mitts for awhile yet. Then this yarn-addict intends to finish off many of the projects on her wall of shame. Really, I will!

Today, don’t be ashamed, be creative!

A Little Off Base

But not off topic

So, when life hits you a curve ball, do you run with it or do you sit down and cry? Well, I can safely say, that, this time I did both. I was all set up for MS3 and as shown in the last post, I had to wait for new beads. This was not a problem, I knew I could wait. Or so I thought. I kept seeing everyone else’s progress and my hands actually itched to be knitting some lace. So what did I do?

MS3 the 2nd

I started a MS3 shawl with some yarn from my stash… no problem! It really looks nice in this 14/2 cotton thread (double stranded). The colour is called sea-foam green and is a lovely light greeny blue. I knit almost all of clue one before the curve ball hit… A friend of mine was diagnosed with Cancer and I really wanted to do something for him besides cry! So I ditched everything and started this scarf.

Noro Scarf

I had started seeing these kinds of lovely scarves on the Flickr group Crazy for Knitting quite some time ago. This one was so lovely that I had to know more about it. Which led me to Brooklyn Tweed. While normally I personalize my knitting by changing colour, yarn, size or something… I didn’t this time. I used his pattern and his choice in yarn colours. He had such good taste and wonderful looking scarf that I copied it completely. The scarf was a fast knit and although I thought I might be driven crazy by the K1P1 (this is done all ribbing), I wasn’t! My friend is totally worth the cost, as Brooklyn Tweed mentions, it is quite costly. So instead of a comfort shawl he gets a comfort scarf. Now, I just have to send it to Australia.
MS3  Starting Clue 3

I still am having difficulty with my picture taking and this photo is not a good representation of the lovely lace. You can’t even see the beads! I am now knitting the MS3 with the yarn and bigger beads but my progress is not so far along as others. I have just started Clue 3 and Clue 5 was released a few days ago. Oh well, having come this far I am sure I will finish this lovely design.

Oh yes, and more socks…

Socks appeal

While I knit off on a tangent from time to time, I am dedicated to the MS3 stole (even after it was announced that the stole will have a wing!). I will keep you posted as to all the creative endeavors I attempt and successfully complete.

Be sure to have a creative week!