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Christmas Knitting

Or avoiding the hustle and bustle…

Every year  I swear I won’t do it and every year I do it!  I heap on the Christmas knitting and end up having a pile of knitting to do at last minute! There have actually been three separate Christmas’ on record where the recipient recieved their gift with the needles still in!!

I do think ahead and make reasonable plans to make gifts for my family, however, I still manage to have a lot of last minute knitting to do. So how am I going to fix this?  I’ve been thinking about it and I think for next year I will do the following:

– Start planning in August.  September at the latest!

– Make a list of recipients and associated projects and stick to it (no last minute additions so think and plan carefully!) and beware, don’t give yourself more than you can easily accomplish!

– Ensure you have all materials available to you in case you get bored with one project.  Then there is no excuse not to pick up another one and get cracking! This means shopping for and/ or ordering all patterns and yarn before you need them!!

– Make deadlines – This is where I have so many problems! I get started early enough but get distracted by other non-Christmas projects and other crafts so that the last few weeks before Christmas come as a surprise and a flurry of knitting. Setting deadlines will force you to put Christmas knitting first before other less essential projects! It might also be good to set up a calendar with other deadlines on it as well…. Holiday baking days/nights, shopping deadlines, Christmas cards and Parcel shipping deadlines and that costume you promised to make for the school play!!

Here are a few pictures of the projects I took on for this year.  Please note that with 2 weeks left ’til Christmas not one is finished and all are in various states of unfinished-ness! Lol!


These two UFO’s are the same beautiful pattern Brown Berries Scarf pattern


These skeins of yarn are supposed to be knit up into scarves too!







and of course this pair of socks is in the home stretch.

I must say I did have reasons that my knitting got behind this year…


My daughter got married in October!  In this picture she is wearing a shawl that I wove for her on my floor loom and that took up a lot of my knitting time!

Everyone, please have a happy, healthy Holiday season and may all your crafty dreams come true!


So Neat

Sometimes in the run of a day, one wishes that they could share things with others.  Sometimes it is good news you share with your family, sometimes it is work related that you share with co-workers.  Today, however, I wish to share something knitting related and I have no one around who would appreciate this news! So I am going to share with you.

If you like dyeing your own yarn, like I do, you will find this news of absolutely wonderful significance.  KnitPicks has come up with a way to dye your sock yarns so each foot comes out the same!  Check this out:

Now if that isn’t innovative, I don’t know what is!  And the price is so right!

My first thought was, hey, I could do that, but the knitting up would be too long and boring! Then I thought, any one with a knitting machine could whip up their own blanks and do this.  I realized, however, at least here in Nova Scotia, the sock yarns would be more expensive than the blanks sold by KnitPicks! Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to get me some!

Yay for KnitPicks!